Aabha Indian Cuisine Restaurant at the Barnyard Carmel CA, offers elegant indoor and outdoor seating with a fireplace, vegan dishes, and a pet friendly patio. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner/lunch or an private catered event at your special gathering, we take pride in our ability to make your occasion you envision. From the moment guests arrive in Aabha, they are taken on a sensory journey. This starts with greetings by our hosts and evolves with the scent of authentic candles and the sounds of classic Indian soundtrack. Aabha interprets the vibrant cuisine of regional India in a modern, approachable way. Our authentic cuisine and live classical music are inspired by the culture and spirit of India, using the finest ingredients and flavors in modern interpretations of storied classics. Our cozy elegant dining is an exquisite destination to enjoy intimate lunch/dinner, and special occasions of all kinds.

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